Neon von der Traumwolfen
RI, TKI, CGC, ATD Certified Therapy Dog
SV A Normal Hips and Elbows, 0 LUW, DM Clear, DOB 10/29/18
von der Traumwolfen
Working German Shepherd
Ebene von Kindheitstraum
TKN, TKI, CGC, Therapy Dog
OFA Hips-Good, Elbows-Normal, DM Clear
Komet von Wolfstraum
Hips/Elbows A Normal, LUW 0, DM Clear
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  Our young girl, from our own breeding, Neon von der Traumwolfen.  Neon's father, Komet von
Wolfstraum is a really nice representative of the GSD breed.  He has solid stable temperament, sound
nerves, good solid structure, really nice ball and hunt drives, and is a very strong dog in working ability.  
We were very pleased with the "L" litter and "M" Litter with Komet and Ebene.
  Neon is a very active, energetic, but social and environmentally stable female, with nice food and ball
drives.  She can be a very determined girl, and we sure do love her.  Goals for Neon's training include, all
her foundation training for Schutzhund, as well as working on AKC competition events in Obedience, Rally
and Therapy Dog work.  
  Previous full siblings have gone into working and companion homes, from Washington and Alberta, Canada
to Pennsylvania.  I am very excited to watch her mature, and see what all we can accomplish together.