Here at Kennel von der Traumwolfen, we had a Show Line male as our family pet and Working Line
German Shepherds, from some of the top bloodlines in the world.  First and foremost, our German
Shepherds are our family members.  They live in the house and travel to all kinds of activities with us.  Our
family consists of Marsha, (we lost Mark to cancer in 2005,) Christine, Gilbert, Jerome, and our females,
Chita, Camry, Ebene, Jaia and Lyric.
     I started Kennel von der Traumwolfen in 2006.  I have grown up around animals all my life.  I was a
member of 4-H for 10 years and had many livestock projects.  I bought and trained my own horse as a
young teenager.  I was involved with breeding and racing Greyhounds for many years.
     After owning a German Shepherd Dog for five years, I want to share my love and pride for these noble
animals with others.  I have been involved with the German Shepherd breed for over 10 years.  I have many
contacts around the world, with a long history in the breed who are available to me for guidance and

    I have very strong beliefs when it comes to breeding German Shepherds.  I believe in the strict
guidelines set forth by the German SV.  Any German Shepherd used for breeding must have attained at
least a SchH1 or Herding title, or AKC titles, along with a passing OFA Hip rating or German 'A' stamp.
These guidelines were set forth to allow only the breeding of quality animals which will continue to shape
future generations of the German Shepherd breed.  This is to ensure correct structure, solid temperament,
good nerves and working drives.  
A BH and/or AD alone does not determine breeding quality.  A BH is
a obedience and temperament test pre-requisite for the SchH1. The AD is an endurance test required for a
Breed Survey or KKL.  
Schutzhund titles listed as (SchH1) means the dog is not yet titled.  Regardless of
whether the dog is in training for these titles or not, this kind of advertising is misleading to the general
public and is unethical.  Therefore, those dogs should not be used in a breeding program, according to the
German Standard.
    I am active in my dogs' training.  I take them through an obedience class and they earn their CGC
(Canine Good Citizen) certificate through
AKC.  I am an AKC CGC Evaluator.  My dogs test under a
different evaluator.  This is recognizing and promoting responsible dog ownership with basic obedience
training for the dog.  I train my dogs in the sport of Schutzhund, which focuses on Tracking, Obedience and
Protection.  I compete in both working trials and conformation shows with my dogs.  I handle them myself
for working trials and with help from my children for conformation shows.  I also participate in AKC events
as well.  I believe this allows me to know both the good and bad, the strengths and weaknesses, about each
of my dogs.
    Please feel free to look through our site.  I'm glad you stopped in to visit us.
von der Traumwolfen
Working German Shepherds
Photo taken by Jennifer Holtgrew
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