I am so very excited to bring back Elsa's bloodlines to my kennel.  Ebene is the daughter of Baje von der
Traumwolfen, a daughter of Elsa's with Dragon Bohemia Abakan.  I am really pleased to have a part of Dragon
back through his granddaughter, as well, and am looking forward to our training together.
      I met Ebene in person for the first time when she was 8 weeks old.  We played, and then tattooed all the
puppies in the litter.  She recovered right away from that experience and was off to discover better things.  She
loves to chase the rag and the ball, accepted a collar and the leash with little hesitation, she settled down quickly
in the car for our long trip home.
      Of course we have high hopes for Ebene.  She has started her foundation training, as well as socialization and
exposing her to many different enviroments.  So far, she is taking everything right in stride and continues to
investigate new things.  My goals are to train and title in the AKC ring and get her BH.  We earned her CGC on
3-18-14, and also passed her Therapy Dog evaluation.  She is a great member of our family.
von der Traumwolfen
Working German Shepherds
Ebene von Kindheitstraum
Registered Therapy Dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs,
OFA Hips-Good, Elbows-Normal, DM Clear
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V-1 Miky z Tresnaku
ZVV3, IPO3, 7xSchH3, ZPS1, ZPO1,
5CI 1/P-KKL1 Life
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal
Baje von der Traumwolfen
(Dragon Bohemia Abakan/
Enni (Elsa) van Klipgaarden)
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal,
DM Clear
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L - Focus at Tractor Supply Co.
at 7 mo. old.  
M - Down Stay at Park 20 mo. old.  
R- With Bite Pillow at 19 mo.