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Working German Shepherds
   Elsa came to us through my good friend Lee Hough of von Wolfstraum, who owns Bianka,
Elsa's mother.  Lee directed us to Jon Gjerpe, who was handling the sale of the puppies, and was
able to get us this fantastic little female pup from the breeder, Ben Evarretts of van
Klipgaarden Kennel in Belgium.  
   When Elsa arrived, she came right out of the crate and was a very happy little girl.  She has
taken every situation in stride and has not been daunted by anything.  She spends time visiting
with all the kids at school, going to basketball, archery, soccer, baseball and softball games.  
She immediately took to the puppy rag and progressed right on up to the hard bite sleeve with
very little effort.  She is quick in obedience and has fantastic food, prey and ball drive. Her
heeling is flashy and she carries herself proudly.    
   Elsa has been worked by 10 different helpers.  It doesn't matter who is doing the job, she
puts out her best effort.  She earned her SchH1 title with a score of 81/82/87 Pronounced
under SV Judge and Vice President Heiko Grube.  Elsa is HOT (Handler Owner Trained).    
   Elsa has an extremely strong pedigree.  She has great dogs behind her on the sire line
including WUSV competitors Zender vom Lusondai, Udo van't Quentawald, Belgium Champion
Quinto van Haus Nuyens and 2x World Champion Orry van haus Antverpa,  along with Othello v
Karthago, Tino v Korbelbach, Gent od Policie, Iro z Pohranicni straze and Rick v Tiekerhook.  
Her female line has most of the females with their SchH3.  Top females in her pedigree include
Nina-Nicky v Tiekerhook, Steffi v Tiekerhook, Palma v Guy's Hof and Nicky v Guy's Hof
among others.  
   A male pup, Archer von der Traumwolfen,  from her first litter was placed with a world level
competitor Mark Natinsky, is now with world competitor, Dave Kroyer and together they
competed in the 2015 WUSV in Finland.  
Video of Archer passing his BH in January 2011.  
Branik von der Traumwolfen and his owner, Isabelle Sanche in Maryland are a Certified Drug
Detection team and contract through her business of Nozy Dogs, LLC. with various companies.
   I was blessed to be able to have such a wonderful companion and friend in my life.  I miss
you, my sweet girl.  We will meet again.
SG1 Enni (Elsa) van Klipgaarden
HOT SchH 1, AD, TR1, CD, CGC, KKL2
Hips-OFA Good, Elbows-OFA Normal,
CERF # GS-1428/2009--44, DNA
11/1/05 to 4/13/2011
Puppy photo courtesy of Jon Gjerpe, Belgium
Sire:  SG Zender vom Lusondai, SchH3, Kkl1, a-normal
8th place at 2005 WUSV and member of 1st place Belgium Team.
Ranked 2nd in Belgium behind 2x WUSV Champion Eros vd Mohnwiese.  Qualified for the 2006 WUSV
as the 2nd member on the Belgium Team.  Qualified for the 2007 WUSV Belgium Team but gave up
his position to a younger dog.  Placed 6th at the 2007 Belgium Nationals,  and 2nd at the 2007
Belgium/Netherland Championships taking the sleeve away from the helper on the long attack.  
Zender earned a spot on the 2008 WUSV Belgium Team but chose to compete in the Belgium/Netherland
Championships instead of traveling to the US.  He placed 4th with a score of 99/85/97 281.
Photo's of Zender at the 2005 WUSV, copywrited and provided by
Karla Calderon of
Dean Calderon German Shepherd Dogs Ohio.
Thank you Karla for providing me with these photos.
Dam:  Bianka von Spitzbubezwinger, SchH3, Kkl2, B 1/2
Several pups from Bianka's first litter are titled 2-BHP3's, 1-BHP2
and 1-SchH 2, with one male, Depko v Klipgaarden, trialing at national level in Europe.  
The second litter- Elsa and Errow have earned their SchH1 titles.  Errow has also
earned his FlyBall Excellent title.  The third litter has 2 with SchH titles,
with a female placed with a world level competitor.  The fourth litter has a SchH1 and
her fifth litter also has a titled SchH2 female.  
Bianka's littermate, Bubba von Spitzbubezwinger qualified for the
2007 WUSV as a reserve for the Belgium Team.  
Bianka (Basha) is owned by Lee Hough of von Wolfstraum
Emir (Errow), Elsa's brother in New York
State.  Thank you to Trisha Grant for sharing
photo's of Errow.  Congratulations on Errow's
Hip rating
OFA -Excellent!!,
Flyball Excellent Title, and his IPO3.
Way to go Trisha and Errow!!
Danger, a 1/2 brother from Bianka's 1st
litter in Europe, owned by Lee Hough and
Alex Whitelock.  Thank you to Lee for
sharing photo's of Danger and Bianka.
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Video of Archer,
Elsa's male pup
by Basko von
Haus Heldmann,
In Loving Memory...
Gone too soon, but never forgotten.  
You are in my heart and soul.  
We will meet again one day at the Rainbow Bridge
and all will be right in the world.
 Your friend and companion.....
In Texas,  
2015 WUSV
In Massachusetts.
In Oklahoma, has BH & RN.
In Nebraska.
In Nebraska.
In Minnesota.
team in
In New York.
Elsa's Progeny:
A Litter - 4/4/2009 with Basko v Haus Heldmann
(Archer - IPO3 National Level Competitor and WUSV Competitor)
B Litter - 11/2/2009 with Dragon Bohemia Abakan
(Branik - WDDO Certified Drug Detection Dog/Handler Team)
D Litter - 2/25/2011 with Fasko v Holly
Elsa's son,
Archer von der
3rd at
2012 AWDF
Nationals and
1st at 2013
South Central
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