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Our Females
SG1 Enni (Elsa) van Klipgaarden
HOT SchH 1, AD, TR1, CD, CGC, KKL2,
Hips-OFA Good, Elbows-OFA Normal, CERF, DNA
11/1/2005 to 4/13/2011
Mother to Archer von der Traumwolfen IPO3, HOT with Mark Natinsky,
and 2015 WUSV USA team with Dave Kroyer,  and
Branik von der Traumwolfen, WDDO certified Narcotics Detection dog with Isabelle Sanche.
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        Utta, (call name is Chita) is a very nice, socially, enviromentally stable, ZVV1, ZPO1, IPO3,  KKL1
female that we welcome to our kennel.  She has a super temperament and is a very loving female.  She is
the daughter of 2007 WUSV Vice-Master (2nd Place), and Czech National Champion  V-Ergo Hartis
Bohemia, a SchH3, IPO3, VPG3, KKL1 male, from the Czech Republic.  Her mother is Chita Stribrne doly,
ZVV1, IPO2, SchH1, FPR1, ZPO1, KKL2.
   We were fortunate enough to be able to get Chita, directly from her breeder, with the help of my
good friend, Jana Horejsi.  We have continued her training and are competing in some AKC events.  We
have earned the AKC CD, RN, and ThD titles and are continuing on to the CDX level in Obedience.
   My sincere thanks to Ivana, for allowing Chita to become a member of our family, and to Jana, for her
help in finding this wonder female.  Chita is a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  She loves to be any
where that I am.   
KKL1, RTG 0/0 (A-Normal), DNA,
ATD registered Therapy Dog
to 9/6/18
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In Loving Memory

11/1/05 to 4/13/11
Gone but Never Forgotten
      We are thrilled to have Ebene von Kindheitstraum, our very own Granddaughter out of my first and
very special girl Enni van Klipgaarden (aka Elsa).  She is bringing back Elsa's bloodlines through Baje von
der Traumwolfen, who is by Dragon Bohemia Abakan, a wonderful son of the world famous Art z Lipin.  
      Ebene's father is Miky z Tresnaku, a very nice black and tan male who was imported by Weberhaus
German Shepherds.  He is titled to ZVV3, which is only achieved by a few dogs each year in the Czech
Republic.  Miky is a nice dog with great conformation and a very nice temperament, as well as great
working ability.  
      Ebene has such an expressive face, and brings joy to all.  Ebene is a very happy and social girl.  She
earned her AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen), THDA (Therapy Dog Advanced), CD and RN titles, and her
BH.   Ebene produced an
IPO3 in her first litter.  Several in her next litters are in training and on
schedule to title in Schutzhund, as well as several AKC titles.  Click on Ebene's picture to go to her page.
V-1 Miky z Tresnaku
ZVV3, IPO3, 7xSchH3, ZPS1, ZPO1,
5CI 1/P-KKL1 Life
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal
Baje von der Traumwolfen
(Dragon Bohemia Abakan/
Enni (Elsa) van Klipgaarden)
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal,
DM Clear
Ebene von Kindheitstraum
ATD registered Therapy Dog,
OFA Hips-Good, Elbows-Normal,
DM Clear
Chita Stribrne doly
ZVV1, IPO2, SchH1, FPR1,
V-Ergo Hartis Bohemia
WUSV 2007 Vice-Master
SchH3, IPO3, VPG3, KKL1
Utta Stribrne doly
Neon von der Traumwolfen
DOB ?/?/18
Ebene von Kindheitstraum
Registered Therapy Dog,
OFA Hips-Good, Elbows-Normal, DM Clear
Komet von Wolfstraum
SV Hips & Elbows-A Normal,
DM Clear
       Introducing our newest girl, from our own breeding, Neon von der Traumwolfen.  Neon's father,
Komet von Wolfstraum is a really nice representative of the GSD breed.  He has solid stable temperament,
sound nerves, good solid structure, really nice ball and hunt drives, and is a very strong dog in working
ability.  We were very pleased with the "L" litter and "M" Litter with Komet and Ebene.
       Neon is a very active, energetic, but social and environmentally stable female, with nice food and ball
drives.  She can be a very determined girl, and we sure do love her.  Goals for Neon's training include, all
her foundation training for Schutzhund, as well as working on AKC competition events in Obedience, Rally
and Therapy Dog work.  I would also like to show her in conformation, when she's a little older, as I feel
she's got nice structure for a working line GSD.
       Previous full siblings have gone into working and companion homes, from Washington and Alberta,
Canada to Pennsylvania.  I am very excited to watch this litter grow up, mature, and see what all they can
Zulu aka
SG Ball
Zulu z Martinické Staré skoly
DKK A/A, DLK O/O, DM-Pending
V-Joseph Anrebri
HD/ED Normal (Ausland), DM Clear
SG Huricaine Moravia Campanella
IPO1, UPr1, ZVV1, SPr3,
HD 0/0, ED A/A Czech
      I am really excited to welcome Zulu to our family.  She comes to me from the Czech Republic,
with her official hips and elbows already certified.  She will be DM tested as soon as I receive her
      Zulu is 3/4 West German and 1/4 Czech bloodlines.  She carries a very strong pedigree, with
many well know dogs behind her.  She is line bred on Buster vom Adelmannsfelder Land, a gorgeous
Black male who was V Rated at the BSZS which speaks highly of his structure for a working line dog.
      I have big plans for Zulu.  We are going to be training for her BH and IPO titles, as well as doing
some AKC competition events, and I am also wanting to do some nose work training with her.    
      After earning her titles, I will incorporate her into our breeding program.  I am looking forward
to what she will bring to our program.  She is already showing a strong bond with me.  I can't wait to
see what we accomplish.
In Loving Memory

2/10/07 to 9/6/18