von der Traumwolfen
Working German Shepherd
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Planned Litters
N Litter von der Traumwolfen
O Litter von der Traumwolfen
O Litter von der Traumwolfen
Male-Traumwolfen/Working                     Female-Traumwolfen/Working
Male-                                                      Female-
Male-                                                      Female-
Komet von Wolfstraum
BH, (IPO1 pending)
SV Hips & Elbows-A Normal, DM Clear
Breeding Planned for late 2017
(Pending OFA Certification)
Jaia von der Traumwolfen
OFA (pending certification) DM Clear
      We are very excited to have Komet von Wolfstraum as the sire to Jaia's first litter.  Komet will be IPO
titled soon.  He has a wonderful temperament, a great on and off switch, solid nerves, high ball and hunt drives, and
is an all around great representative of the breed.  His two litter with Jaia's mother Ebene, are looking really
nice at 9 and 3 months old.  Most in family homes, doing great in training, with great off switches.
      Jaia is a very happy social female, with solid drives, good nerves and a great temperament.  She has earned
BH, and
her CD (Companion Dog) and RN (Rally Novice) title through AKC.  She is a registered Therapy Dog
through Alliance of Therapy Dogs, has earned her THDA (Therapy Dog Advanced) title for 100 visits.  We make
visits to two local elementary schools, where we see the special needs kids and first graders, several nursing homes,
the library, the jail and other local groups as requested.  Jaia's sister, Journey recently earned her HOT IPO1
with a score of 98/90/90 at the tender young age of 20 months, and was IPO2 before 2 years of age.
      We expect very stable solid temperaments, lots of willingness to please, along with strong hunt drives.  
Puppies will be suited to a variety of working endeavours as well as active family companions.  They will be Sable
puppies.  Puppies are priced at $1800 with a $600 non-refundable deposit due with a signed contract to reserve
your puppy.  The balance of $1200 is due when the puppies are 6 weeks old.  At eight weeks old, the puppies can
go to their new homes.  They will have had their first puppy shots, a vet exam, wormed several times, and will be
mirco-chipped and tattooed for permanent identification.
      All puppies come with AKC Limited Registration papers and a health warranty covered in the contract.  The
contract includes a clause with the requirements necessary to lift to full registration at no additional charge.  This
is to protect the puppy, the breed, and our kennel's reputation.  Shipping is the buyer's expense.  We are happy
to drive part way to meet you with your puppy, for expenses.
      Puppies are placed on the reservation list in order of deposits received, and according to each buyers specific
needs.  For example, if the first puppy deposit is for a companion puppy, the puppy of that sex, most suited to the
needs of the buyer is selected between 7 and 8 weeks of age.  All puppies in the litter will be registered with
"N"letter names within a few days of birth. They will be registered with that specific name along with our kennel
name.  Buyers do have the choice to call their puppy by any name, but the registered name will always remain
"N???" von der Traumwolfen.  
      There will only be a limited number of puppies available from this litter.  Preferences will be given to
working homes.  
Contact us to reserve your pup from this fantastic breeding.
Breeding planned for Summer of 2018
We are in the process
of looking for a suitable
Black Male that will be a
good match for Jaia, in
pedigree, titles,
temperament and health.
This will produce a solid
Black litter of puppies.