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SG Ball Zulu z Martinické Staré skoly
DKK A/A, DLK O/O, DM-Clear
V-Joseph Anrebri
IPO3, (IPO 1 - 96, 98, 100 - 294,
IPO2 - 92, 93, 97 - 282, IPO3 - 87, 94, 98 - 279)
HD/ED Normal (Ausland), DM Clear
SG Huricaine Moravia Campanella
IPO1, UPr1, ZVV1, SPr3,
HD 0/0, ED A/A Czech
I am really excited to welcome Zulu to our family.  She comes to me from the Czech Republic, with her
official hips and elbows already certified.  She will be DM tested as soon as I receive her paperwork.
Zulu is 3/4 West German and 1/4 Czech bloodlines.  She carries a very strong pedigree, with many well
know dogs behind her.  She is line bred on Buster vom Adelmannsfelder Land, a gorgeous Black male who
was V Rated at the BSZS which speaks highly of his structure for a working line dog.  Her father, Joseph
Anrebri had really nice scores while titling.  His IPO1 was 96, 98, 100 - 294.  His IPO2 - 92, 93, 97 -
282, and his IPO3 - 87, 94, 98 - 279.  Her mother, Huricaine competed shortly after litters, and earning
high protections scores each time.  Her titles include BH, ZOP, ZZO, ZVV1, SPr1 - 92 points, SPr2 - 91
points, SPr 3 - 92 points
I have big plans for Zulu.  We are training for her BH and IPO titles, as well as doing some AKC
competition events, and I am also wanting to do some nose work training with her.  She is showing me high
ball drive and good drives for the Dumbbell.  I am excited to get back to Schutzhund training, and the
things we will learn together as a team.
I am looking forward to what she will bring to our program.  She is already showing a strong bond with
me.  I can't wait to see what we accomplish.